Friday, September 28, 2007

Just for the record, we have changed our minds about the current Sophie Ellis-Bextor single

It's goddamn fucking amazing.

Also there's a really good remix version bouncing around the internet, and it's even better.

And here's a live version, just to keep you interested.


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Yes, we just said, "booyah", because it's the only way to TRULY express how we feel about Control, the highly-(that's HIGHLY) anticipated Joy Division biopic. It's directed by Anton Corbjin. SAMANTHA MORTON PLAYS THE FEMALE LEAD. We're literally sitting at our computers hyperventilating. Fucking amazing.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

We're not really convinced about the new Alicia Keys song

It's kind of boring and her voice sounds kind of shot in the first verse, but not an awesome Mary J. Blige oh-halp-me-lawd way, which is REALLY REALLY WEIRD. The song does hit upon pop genius near the 3:26 mark with the "Oh-oh-oh-OH-oh" part, but we think we are all in agreement when we say that three and a half minutes into your comeback single is a little late to unleash the awesome pop hook. Anyway here's the video:

We know it's a thin line between Fiona Apple and Vanessa Carlton but it has always boggled our minds that after Songs In A Minor, Ms. Keys keeps trying to get her pop diva on. It's like, dude, you play an instrument, went to a music conservatory and are actually a talented songwriter--why the need to BET it up and shake the booty? We mean maybe she'll pull a Nelly Furtado and impress us all but we don't see the ever-looming shadow on Timbaland behind this new Alicia album. OMG also, what is up with this shit?

Are. You. Serious?

We've always loved Alicia (albeit somewhat from afar) but this does not bode well for the future.


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BritneyWatch 2007™ hits rock bottom

We still believe that Britney's album will be her great comeback. But she's not making it easy.


Link via Crunk & Disorderly

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There is a new Richard Hawley video and it is on the World Wide Web

Richard Hawley is a Proper Musician and not some simple pop tart like 99% of the people we rave about on Disconap. He used to be in our favorite band ever (that'll be Pulp for you novices) and has been putting out fucking amazing, heartbreaking '50s -insprired ballads since the late '90s (when he also played guitar on "PURE SHORES" BY ALL SAINTS--yes readers there is some connection to our regulars after all). ANYWAY this is the new video for "Serious":

Actually kind of creepy, but amazing. We love Richard to death, but may we suggest a trip to American Apparel to pick up some snuggier briefs? That ass should be poppin'! Hot!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We're a pretty gay blog but this is ridiculous

It's the new Darren Hayes single, "Me, Myself and I".

After viewing this video, we urge you to answer the following short questionnaire:

1. Are you are a man?
2. Do you presently have a strong urge to suck on a penis?

If you answered "YES" to both of those questions, Disconap would like to apologize for turning you gay. But you have to admit, the song is good. It's like a gayer Justin and a weirder, not as good yet more in-touch-with-the-times Michael Jackson. With some Scissor Sisters on poppers thrown in. Gay, basically. We mean, you do the math:



We thought so.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our dance pop party is about to take off

We're doing BOYCORE again.

And it's tonight.

Expect to hear SEB, Kylie, Late of the Pier, M.I.A., Dragonette, Boys Noize, Muscles, Hadouken!, Lethal Bizzle, Sally Shapiro, and all those nice songs you read about on this blog.


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This is why M.I.A. has more balls than all of us

Abbey Punk Photo just brought this to our attention:

We actually had no idea that M.I.A. was going to be on David Letterman last week, and even less of an idea that she was going to perform "Paper Planes" arguably the most brilliant yet controversial song on her new album "Kala". So this is totally old news but WHATEVER, we're posting it anyway. It sucks that the song is completely ruined, with the gunshot samples watered down and if you look closely, it seems as if M.I.A. is even less pleased than we are. As soon as the first chorus goes down she whips her head around to look at the DJ, and at the end it almost looks like she gives the audience the finger, then doesn't shake Dave's hand. Ouch.

It just sucks that this may be the most amazing song of the year and America just saw a phoney version of it. Sad.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Tonight, we rave

Here is a flyer.

It's for the after-party the Klaxons' "people" are throwing because like NO ONE can get into the gig they're doing at Madison Square Garden with Bjork. SUCKS, because I'm sure she'll pull them onstage with her to sing "New York, New York" with an Inuit children's choir or some shit. OH WELL NEXT TIME ETC.

Anyway the party will be amazing because Santo Gold is performing! We fucking love Santo Gold, especially that Jam cover she does on the Mark Ronson album.

So anyway you guys should come.

That's it.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Disconap: Yesterday's Kylie news, today

So here's some Kylie news.

It would seem like after all that "brouhaha", only one Calvin Harris song will be used on the new Kylie record. We suppose that's still one more than Mylo or Hot Chip, who's songs were totally scrapped. Bummer. Mylo got one over everyone and posted his Kylie track on his MySpace page, and all we can say is that if THIS track got scrapped than this album will be the "Nevermind" of pop. Listen to it by clicking on this bit of highlighted text.

Anyway, the Calvin track is called "Heart Beat Rock" and since it features both Calvin Harris and Kylie Minogue we're sure it will be quite listenable.

You can read more info on the record (named "X" because it's the tenth Kylie album etc etc) over at the forums.

And that is all the Kylie news for today. "Over and out", as they say.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What the fuck is going on in the new MIka video


Mika has a new video out for his new single "Happy Ending". Mika is very hit and miss ("Grace Kelly" = amazing, "Billy Brown" = possibly the stupidest song in the history of recorded music), but we kind of like "Happy Ending", especially the line in the chorus where he goes "I feel as if I'm wasted/And I'm wasted every day" (we feel you, girl), but OH MY GOD the video.

It's a dream. It's not a dream. Stuffed animals crying. The sky's made out of balloons. Floating hands start talking. What a fucking mess.

We've totally ranted about his before, but what ever happened to simple, cool-looking videos? Like:






Basically, the '90s are due for a comeback.

PS: We are not an alternative music blog, we are a pop music blog.

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Monday, September 17, 2007


Dear friends,

This Monday we
cordially invite you to
CEC's Birthday Extravaganza at DISCONAP presents Blogger's Delight
with our friends
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart!

Doors are at 9PM (despite the fact it says 8PM on our fancy flyer - OOPS!)

DJ Sets by the DISCONAP DJ Collective
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The Knitting Factory
Tap Bar (downstairs)
74 Leonard Street
near Church Street


feel free to stop the presses while we die

So we just posted the new Mark Ronson featuing Amy Winehouse video (though the video doesn't feature Amy Winehouse... it's complicated). Anyway, in the first few seconds of the video, Washington DC rapper Wale shows up to "spit" some "rhymes". Which is all fair and well, until you watch the "Making Of" video posted on Columbia Records' YouTube page...

...and Wale kicks shit into the next level with the greatest rapper introduction of all time.

"Hey, I'm Wale, I'm on Mark Ronson's video and... I have powder on my nose. No Lohan."

We personally never thought No Homo could be topped, but Jesus were we ever wrong.

Thank you, Wale. Thank you.

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Where in the worlds is Amy Winehouse

This is the new video for "Valerie", by Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse.

As you can see, Amy Winehouse is not in the video. Which is a shame, because we here at DN were really looking forward to seeing a Mark/Amy video collaboration. So we suppose one of two things happened:

1. Much like the "Oh My God" video, Mark Ronson prefers to not flaunt his collaborations in his music videos, instead fiding creative ways to keep the attention of the song and production and not celebrity or

2. They couldn't find Amy for all the crack smoke.

We really hope it's 1.


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This week's obligatory Frankmusik post

1. Here's Frankmusik discussing current events with a fan.

2. There have been some developments within the Frankmusik "camp". If you visit Frankmuik's MySpace page, and message Frankmuisk, you can win (we guess?) a chance to be in the video for our favorite song of his, "Three Little Words"! That's the one that sounds like Simply Red gone insane. Fun!

3. Frankmusik has also posted four new songs on his MySpace player. There is a song called "Party No No" which we believe we can all agree on as being awesome. Hurray!

4. Today, Frankmusik ate a tuna sandwich.

More on Frankmusik and other popstars right here, on the blog that makes a disgrace of music daily, Disconap!


How fucked up is it that we're more excited about this video than the My Bloody Valentine reunion?

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

We saw Interpol at MSG last night...

And Jesus Christ on a motorbike, HOW SHIT ARE THEIR NEW SONGS.

Here is some shitty fan video to validate this statement.

The problem with "Serious Interpol" is that instead of just writing a slighty weepy ballad and calling it a day, they basically just write an Interpol song without any good hooks or guitar parts. It's like they purposely write shit songs instead of good poppy ones like they're capable of. Look at what happens when they play a song that's not horrible:


Interpol, you know what you have to do.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

This is the best thing in the world


Also, LOTP have a new single out and it's called "Bathroom Gurgle" and here it is. We're fairly confident that we are breaking some sort of law, but it's only illegal if you get caught etc.

Late Of The Pier - "Bathroom Gurgle"

So so so so so good. We can't wait for LOTP to properly record and album and destroy the entire world.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britney Watch 2007™ takes a turn for the worst

So, by now you're probably seen that Chris Crocker video on youtube, and the Britney Spear VMA performace on dailymotion (or perhaps actual television). In any case, you'd have come to two conclusions:

Conclusion #1: The perormance was awful
Conclusion #2: Britney Spears fans are insane.

While you'd be correct on both accounts, and while we are part-time Britney fans ourselves, this video takes the cake:

It's some guy trying to explain the shittiness of the performance by telling us that Britney's shoe was broken. Which EXPLAINS THE STUMBLING! And the listeless eyes, confused expression, sedated appearance, failure to lip-synch, dazed demeanor, etc etc.

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It's 5AM and we just got home from Calvin Harris' very first American gig...

...and we have some thoughts. First off, it was amazing, for a lot of reasons, though we weren't exactly "feeling" the full band renditions of our favorite Calvin tracks--a part of us just kind of wants him to bust out the lap top and Bonde Do Role it up. But most of it was Very Very Good Indeed including, surprisingly, "The Industry", which is kind of bizarre on record but makes for quite the live tune. "Girls", "Acceptable in the '80s", "Merrymaking at My Place" and "Vegas" were all crowd pleasers. FACT: CALVIN HARRIS HAS NEVER THROWN A HOUSE PARTY. We asked him. Coincidentally, we were also yelled at at Calvin's afterparty by a woman for having brown nipples.

Here is an utterly horrible picture of Calvin we took on our "camera"phone.

This blog is a total disgrace to music, etc etc.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today's question we dare not answer

Merrymaking at my Place


Monday, September 10, 2007

In which Lil Mama shows the universe who's fucking boss, pt. 2





Lil Mama's new video is INSANE AND FUCKING AMAZING. It's called "G-Slide (Tour Bus)" (WTF?) and it... wait for it... we can barely type it out... SAMPLES "THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND".



Lil Mama: 1; Everything else in the world: 0.

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In which Lil Mama shows the universe who's fucking boss

We didn't watch the VMA's because really, what's the point? We knew that Birtney would bomb and that Justin would suck, so we decided to watch Arrested Development on DVD instead and guess what, we had a fun time. What did you get? Nothing.

Though, had we known that Disconap-approved teen rap phenomenon Lil Mama was going to show up dressed as a blinged-out toddler, we would have suffered through the MTV insanity for one fleeting glimpse.

AMAZING. Remember when we said we didn't understand why Jive Records was marketing Lil Mama to tweens? Well, we totally endorse it now. If they're going to dress her as the shiny offspring of Lil Kim and Jamie Klaxons, WHO THE FUCK ARE WE TO COMPLAIN. Seriously, let's look at that one more time.

Fucking SO AWESOME. Cannot wait for her album to drop.

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So there's finally a new Roisin Murphy video on the Internet

It's for "Let Me Know" and like everything else in Roisin's album campaign, it has to do with "the ORDINARY and the EXTRAORDINARY": designer costumes in sandwich shops, leather stilettos in public parks, plastic ponchos in post offices etc etc.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that after this video, the opening of a "disco diner" in the heart of London seems imminent, no?

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Saturday, September 08, 2007


Here at the DN headquarters, we've always been advocates and lovers of art. Today marks the third annual Art Parade presented by Deitch Projects, Creative Time and Paper Magazine.

The parade takes place at 4PM starting on Houston and follow West Broadway and commencing on Grand Street. It's going to be eye-licious! Expect the most decadent floats and performances!

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Please join us in welcoming Tigercity into our collective wet dreams

This is Tigercity.

While we have no concrete evidence that they are homosexuals, they do look and sound like it, and as we know homosexuals make AMAZING popstars. Tigercity make soft rock songs that sound as if they were written by Hall & Oates' spermatazoa, with names like "Are You Sensation?" and "Let Her Go". We would have liked to post the MP3 of the former (because it is unequivocally fucking brilliant) but we feel like doing so may "break" some sort of law. So you should buy Tigercity's EP Pretend Not To Love from iTunes. And stream the aformentioned song below.

Tigercity - "Are you Sensation?" (streaming via MySpace)


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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sorry for all the YouTube Links

...but they just added a feature where you can subscribe to tags (we. KNOW) so we're going a bit insane at the moment.

And it's beena while since we posted about Her Almighty Lady the Duchess of Bextor Gardens. We're actually not really huge fans of her current single "Today the Sun is On Us", but it's an OK pop song and Sophie looks cute in her little dress, so here she is performing it on British morning "programme" GMTV.

We have no idea when this is from, but we're assuming it's fairly recent, it being the new single an all. Thus is the danger of YouTube "research".

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The Britney Fandom continues...

Britney doesn't give a FUCK! When she laughs when the paparazzo calls her new single "The Give Me Song", our hearts just about melted into little pools of poptastic goo in our chest cavities.

More to come as BritWatch 2007™ continues here on DN...

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Saddest Time of Year

The VMA's are coming up and Travis from Gym Class Heroes wants you to vote for him.

The fact that GCH are the most cutting edge nomination this year makes the bottomless cesspool of our souls sink even deeper with unspeakable sorrow.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

We were going to make a massive post about the new Britney single...

...and post the new MP3s and all that, but we got to thinking about the old Britney and how much we loved her. As fucked as it seems now, Britney Spears (or at least the people who wrote her songs, produced her, marketed her and styled her) was a pivotal componant in the modern pop landscape, and though she always seemed to teeter on the brink of total failure, she released some solid material (a lot of it was shit, obviously, but a lot of it is undeniable). We mean, remember this girl?:

The first time we heard "Baby One More Time", we were in a McDonald's in the south of France watching MTV, and all of a sudden this instantly memorable, completely ridiculous song comes on and, like it or not, things sort of changed forever. She can't really sing, she can sort of dance and now she's complately fucking nuts: it's kind of depressing but we love Britney Spears.




Amazing (and apparently, this song was written for Janet Jackson, which is hilarious).



And finally, amazing.

We think it says something that Britney's new single begins with the words: "It's Britney, bitch." Er, indeed.

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