Monday, April 30, 2007

the DN's <3 the Teenagers!

Take us to London, take us to France...we want to be where the Teenagers will be!

Here's the video for their debut single, "Homecoming" directed by Kinga Burza:

Also check out their remixes of Simian Mobile Disco's "It's The Beat," Au Revoir Simone's "Fallen Snow," New Young Pony Club's "The Bomb" and Lo Fi Fnk's "City."


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hopefully This Band Will Make Us Like Guitars Again

This new Mumm-ra video is pretty cool.

The song is called "She's Got You High". We kind of have trouble remembering their songs once they're over, but that's kind of like cotton candy, and we don't see oursleves complaining about cotton candy too often.


The frontman's name is "Noo", which is kind of funny if you ask us. Here's to Mumm-ra making indie music fun again!

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Word: Umbrella-ella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh




Rihanna's "Umbrella" looks like it's going to be the crossover R&B hit of the year--much like "Crazy in Love", "Hey Ya!", "1 Thing" etc etc etc before it. Basically all this means is that white hipsters will like it and it will get played at The Annex. ANYWAY, it's really good, and our favorite "urban" female artist who's not Rihanna, Lil Mama, has remixed "Umbrella". The remix is basically the same song with Mama rapping about The Magic School Bus and peroxyde over it, AMAZING as we're sure you'll agree. Cold check it.

Rihanna - "Umbrella (Lil Mama Remix)" [streaming via Myspace]

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Rave Watch 2007: Hadouken! And Ridic Glasses

Our year-long New Rave Watch '07 continues with this tour diary video of James Hadouken! trying on some neon sunglasses, and predicting they they'll be "the next big thing" this summer (and somewhat worryingly, not their album). We're tempted to believe James since we recently saw the lovely Gaspard from Justice wearing a pair of neon green plastic shades while hanging around NYC (also worryingly, this is not a joke).

New Rave Watch '07: to be contibued...

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Video Of The Year For The Song Of The Year

We believe it to be irrefutable fact that 2007's Best Song™ is "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice. It's slightly less amazing than Daft Punk's "Around the World", which we're sure you'll agree is the greatest dance song ever committed to vinyl. If "Around the World" had incorporated a children's choir, WHO KNOWS THE COURSE MANKIND WOULD HAVE TAKEN.

Anyway, Justice has released a undeniably ace video for "D.A.N.C.E.". We once had thermal color-changing T-shirts that our moms bought for us at Foot Locker when we were in the 3rd grade, but after a while they stopped changing colors, and we were sad. :(

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Late Of The Pier Play Some Festivals And Continue Being Awesome

Photo via DirtyDirtyDancing

We love Late of the Pier. We love England. And this summer, these two things will come together in glorious harmony. LOTP just posted this bulletin on MySpace:

i'll be updating the site later.
with some dates and things.
we got ourselves a booking agent too.
which is nice.
whats even nicer is that we'll be doing some festivals.
lots of european ones.
leeds & Reading
O2 wireless (DAFT PUNK & DEVO!!!)


mint eh?

Mint! Indeed.


Monday, April 23, 2007


Apparently, we can’t seem to get enough of music from Montreal today. Maybe it’s because Canadian record label Arts & Crafts is just one big happy family (home to Feist, Broken Social Scene, Jason Collett) that makes sweet, sweet music that we simply can’t get enough of. Ex-Stars touring guitarist Stephen Ramsey and Catherine McCandless of Young Galaxy just released their self-titled debut this month with collaborations with The Dears and Stars.

This video is a video of hope! Soon you will be chanting… “Outside the city I see, I see I’m inside out…” Over and over and over again. It made us realize we need a vacation.

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Going Places

Montreal’s Montag is back with a new album, Going Places (Carpack Records) set for release on June 5th! This time around he’s once again enlisted a great group of collaborators such as, Anthony Gonzales of M83, the ladies of Au Revoir Simone, Amy Millan of Stars, just to name a few.

PLUS, there is a duet with Owen Pallet of Final Fantasy (we LOVE Final Fantasy) called, “Softness, I Forgot Your Name.” AMAZING! Dreamy electro-pop to start your summer right! The music makes us want to frolic in an open field filled with flowers…or something like that.

Check out Stereogum for a download of the track, “Best Boy Electric.”

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The Scissor Sisters Have 79% Redeemed Themselves

From that whole Passions thing.

Babydaddy + wall full of lights = amazing.

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It's Not OK To Blog This Way

OK, we haven't blogged about a new band in a while--our bad. But if you haven't checked out The Enemy yet, don't blame US, because they've been EVERYWHERE and are about to BLOW UP. Recently signed to legendary Stiff Records (who released what is possibly the best 7" ever with The Damned's "New Rose") The Enemy are kind of a refreshing change from the Libertines sound that has dominated British rock as of late (not that we don't LOVE The Clash, but does everyone HAVE to rip them off?). The best way to describe them would be Oasis-style working class indie meets The Smashing Pumpkins. Yeah, we know, amaziiiiiiiing.

The Enemy - It's Not OK

Their new single is "Away From Here", a catchy jaunt about the universal human desire to get the fuck out of whatever town you're living in. Coincidentally, the single artwork is one of our favorites for quite some time, not because we like the image of overweight dudes hanging out at the beach (...), but because it prefectly conveys the feeling behind the song, that normal people from normal places can find happiness, or at least contentment, in simple pleasures. Anyway it's awesome. Here's the video.


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Friday, April 20, 2007

Sorry About The Really Short, Somewhat Meaningless Posts At The Moment...

...but life is kind of taking its own course right now. Last night we saw Hot Chip, and they killed it. We'd like to officially declare them the '00s answer to the Spice Girls.

Anyway, the real (REAL) reason of this post is to showcase the new Unklejam video, which is a bit Busta Rhymes if you ask us but who are we to complain. It's called "What Am I Fighting For?" and it's brilliant.

We really hope they're not one of those bands that major labels sign for all of 87 minutes because they think it's a good way to make loads of cash really quickly but then change their minds :(

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogger Make Out: The Mag Hag

In which we introduce a new section to the blog: Blogger Make Out, where we feature our very favorite blogs who, if blogs could make out with one another, would be on the first on DN's list. Our first virtual game of tonsil hockey is with The Mag Hag, which is the perfect haven for any media geek who's ever dropped a large percentage of their paycheck at Universal News. From disecting a Vanity Fair cover down to every detail to battling her mind-crippling addiction to back-issues of Sassy, TMH is always one step ahead of the curve in media-baiting wit.


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Why Must We Cry

Popjustice must come back. We can't go on like this :(

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Monday, April 16, 2007

A Late Afternoon Observation From DNHQ

Just a quick reminder of how much better everything was 10 years ago:

Carry on.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cajun Dance Party: Great Single, Slightly Disappointing Video

It's a shame that this new Cajun Dance Party video is kind of lame, because the song is amazing and makes us wants to run outside and play in the sun. It's that kind of indie song.


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The the next stop on the W.A.Y.F tour is at the back room of the kitschy bar chain, Beauty Bar!

The amazingly rad, Dan Selzer (Crazy Rhythms/Acute Records/NY Happenings) and Paulie (Shack Up/Mute Records) are on the decks for your shimmying pleasure. If you get there early, the DN's aka CEC and KKH will have an early mini-set to get the kids shakin'! YOWZA! We're ready for some more bootyshaking, hands in the air action up in the booth!

PbJamwiches, sweet treats as per usual to satisify your mid-nite cravings. We know for a fact that these treats are made with some tender love and care!

The last time we were at Beauty Bar there were bottles breaking on the dance floor! Well let's not get that crazy...but let's keep the party going all night long! Viva mercoledi!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

In Which We Amaze Even Ourselves With Our Boredom

So More Scene have turned us on to this whole Paloozahead craze that's sweeping the Internet by storm. Apparently you paste a photo of your head onto a dancing body and it's very amusing. We made one of The House of Wine, becuase despite her being all "popular" and such, we still think she's fucking sick. Behold!

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit

We liked dressing her in some bling. It's fitting to her personality. We bought a copy of Back to Black at the $10 sale at Virgin this week after seeing Kaiser Chiefs--a bargain, we're sure you'll agree.

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We've Got A Bad Feeling About This

At first we were kind of bummed about missing The Feeling play whatever lame venue they played in NYC last week, because we kind of like very naft Britpop made by old people. But then we noticed a drastic change in their American marketing strategy that made us feel a lot better. Surely any band who could change their album artwork from this:

to this:

for its North American release are obviously devoid of all sense of dignity and conviction.


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Somehow, Patrick Wolf and Ultimate Fighting Seem Like The Perfect Match

Patrick Wolf was interviewed recently on our favorite British pop program (at least it was when Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver were the hosts), Popworld.

Best parts:

1. How scared Patrick looks near the 2:10 mark, and desperately reaches for a non-existant hood to cover his head.

2. Alex Zane: "How much make-up can we get away with, as tough guys?"
Patrick Wolf: "It all depends on what kind of boy you are."


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This is the latest video from our favorite brunette from across the border. It's for the single, "1234" off of Feist's forthcoming album, The Reminder (Interscope)! This video which was directed by Patrick Daughters in one continuous shot, with some amazingly fun choreography. Who doesn't love a lady in a blue sequined jump suit? It's a human Skittles rainbow! This video is simply magical.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Last Friday Of The Rest Of Our Lives

We're too exhausted to blog about how gigantically fun and amazing Kaiser Chiefs were last night. We're going to see Bonde and Klaxons again tonight at FIXED!.

While we regain our senses, here's a photo of Robyn dressed as a bee.


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Cribs Blow Our Minds Straight Out Of Our Butts For The 5000000th Time In A Row

OMG x 10000

The Cribs have a new video out for their fucking killer new single, "Men's Needs".

The Cribs are the best band in the world. Just deal with it.

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Oh La La, Les Awesome Bands! Part 3: The Shoppings

If you've ever been to Paris, you'll know that the hipsters over there are fucking INTENSE. Like literally 60% more hipster than NYC hipsters. I know that's hard to fathom but believe us. We've seen one of the dudes from Justice wearing neon green plastic sunglasses down Canal Street at seriously not give a fuck. But we digress.

Today's featued French band are very hipster-y--they're called The Shoppings, for Chirssakes--but we'll give them extra points for being hella easy on the eyes. Yeah, we just said "hella". Whatever.

Their song "Salut a Toi" ("Hey") is like a textbook call-out to every Euro-hipster's heroes: "Hey, Yves St. Laurent/Hey, Jean-Paul Gauthier" etc etc. Pretty catchy.

The Shoppings - Salut a Toi

Here's some general YouTube-age of their song "Colette", which is like calling a song "Top Shop" or something:

Awesome. More Frenchitutde to come!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh La La, Les Awesome Bands! Part 2: Soko

In the second installment of our vin rouge et camembert week of French follies, we'd like to introduce to you the latest folk two-piece that has stolen our hearts: Soko. Sounding kind of like The Bird and The Bee (with more than one good song), Stina Nordenstam, Karen Ann and Bjork, Soko's anti-torch song "I'll Kill Her" TOTALLY blew our minds when we first heard it a few weeks back. If you've ever crushed on someone so much you kind of wanted to take a pneumatic drill to their face, this is the song for you. "I'll kill her/she stole my future and broke my dream" coos lead singer Soko Girl with the sort of nonchalant drawl that makes Isabelle Huppert sound like Roseanne. In case you hadn't noticed yet, WE APPROVE.

Soko - "I'll Kill Her"

Creepy right! Like La Boum meets Fatal Attraction! Soko are opening for the aforementioned Karen Ann in France this month, but no American dates have been set.

Also, feel free to cold check the video:


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Just A Mini Newsflash On The State Of Affairs At DNHQ

So, we're overworked, underpaid, physically and mentally exhausted, and yesterday we fell asleep on a pile of dirty clothes before we could put them in a bag and walk them to the laundry room. But, in the midst of all the insanity, we've still managed to retain some sense of what's right and good in this world:

We're still so emo.

Tomorrow: Bonde de Role and Klaxons @ Bowery
Thursday: Kaisers @ Roseland
Friday: Bonde and Klaxons @ Studio B

And God knows what in between. Sweet death by rock and roll :(

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh La La, Les Awesome Bands! Part One: Sexual Earthquake in Kobe

Believe it or not, France has been sort of killing it as of late, which hasn't really happened since Daft Punk, and before that like, the '60s. With labels like the ever-inspiring Ed Banger, Les Daft, and rock bands such as Fancy, Rock and Roll and Plasticine (actually, Plasticine kind of suck but whatever), France seems to be on top of its musical game for ths first time in years. This, of course, is cause to celebrate, and what better way to do so than to bring you the best in current French music all week long! That's right, your "freedom fries" can suck it, stupid American!

Let us being with the electro three-piece, Sexual Earthquake in Kobe. Now, apart from having THE BEST BAND NAME EVER, they're also cute little French boys who are bent on replacing the Test Icicles-shaped hole left in the musical fabric of planet Earth since sometime in late 2005. Really, they sound sexactly like the Icicles except they're French. Whatever, it's AMAZING.

See for yourself.

Sexual Earthquake in Kobe - "Love With"

We first discovered this band through Big Stereo, so thanks to those kids! More French bands to come during the week, so stay tuned...

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Karaoke for the soul

New York by New York, a new mini mag produced by our favorite, New York Magazine has a premiere feature event for all of the indie loving kids to show off their singing chops at Indie Rock Karaoke...

"We got the minor supergroup Of Montreal to be the house band for our karaoke party. Michael Showalter, of the since-cancelled TV show Stella (who you might've missed in Reno 911!: Miami, though he had at least two lines) will emcee. Confusingly, he'll be in character as Alan Shemper from Wet Hot American Summer. After the karaoke is over, Of Montreal will have their revenge, playing a set of their own songs. And then Flosstradamus will D.J. until break of dawn." []

This is new, smart marketing initiative on NY Mag's part by reaching out to a new audience because with every ticket purchase you will receive a 46 issue subscription.

Start practicing to your choice Of Montreal track singing in the shower or in front of the mirror for this event happening on April 14th at Studio B in Brooklyn.

Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate like a Promothean Curse

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Party All The Time!

This party is going to be full of crazy antics and sweaty kids pumping up the heat on the dance floor in Studio B; bringing together a bunch of great acts to satisfy your musical palette from across the Atlantic.

See you there!

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Check out this hot new mix by Dirty Disco Youth!

1. Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Plus Move Pirate Remix)
2. Elvis & The Coconut - Baby's looking good (Saint Pauli Remix)
3. Prodigy - Girls (Geht's Noch? Edit)
4. Riot in Belgium - La musique (Adam Sky Remix)
5. Justine Electra - Killalady (Surkin Remix)
6. The Freaks - The Creeps (Vandalism Remix)
7. Dirty Disco Youth - Missunderstood (Promo Mix)
8. Busy P - Rainbow Man (DDY's BPM Edit)
9. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (2007 Remix)
10. Sebastien Léger - Bad Clock
11. Basement Jaxx - Where's your head at (Dirty Disco Youth's Not so dirty Bootleg Mix)
12. Wild Child - Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Remix)

Download here

Gotta keep the kids a shimmyin' and a shakin'...


So, The View Have A New Video

... it's kind of not that great but we really like this song. It's like everything we like about Doherty sans heroin and Kate Moss and all that gross shit.

They're playing Bowery May 1st, we saw the Mercury show in January and they were a bit sloppy, but hopefully they've "gelled" since then.


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Lil Mama Introduces The Extreme High School Hallway Makeover

YES. Finally, the DN-appoved Lil' Mama has released the video for "Lipgloss", the best bubblegum hip-hop song about cosmetics possibly ever written. It's fucking off the charts. AND THE VIDEO IS EVEN BETTER.

The last 4:18 minutes of your life were not a hallucination. You've just seen pure, unfiltered pop genius at work. Let's relive that first couple of seconds, shall we?



[LIL' MAMA shrugs shoudlers and shakes head]

MOTHER: Mama, what's wrong?

LIL' MAMA: I jus' wanna be a part of the cool crowd. I jus' feel like I don't have what it takes.

[MOTHER brandishes gold-plated locket, engraved with the letters "KLS"]

MOTHER: I have something here for you. This LIPGLOSS, it worked for me.


We just cried a little. Utterly amazing. Someone get Jessica Bendinger on the phone. We can smell the popcorn.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Mark E. Smith And Mouse On Mars Go Electro Punk On Our Asses

We mean to blog about this a while back, when Von Sudenfed's myspace page first came to our attention. The project--a collaboration between the Fall's Mark E. Smith and noise heroes Mouse on Mars--is a fresh and exciting take on electro punk, with harsh beats and stuttering basslines fucking with Mark E. Smith's instantly recognizable yelp. Fuck yes!

Let us all take a moment and thank our lucky stars that Mark wasn't featured in the video though. Yeesh.

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